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Thyroid Hormone Study

HairDAO's first funded research study. The study tests whether FDA-approved, topically-applied T3 and T4 promote the production of key growth factors, metabolism, and stem cell activities on human scalp skin to treat androgenic alopecia. Despite being some of the most prescribed drugs in the world, topical T3 and T4 have never been used for any dermatological indication, including hair regrowth.

HairDAO has sent funds to Dr. Paus to begin the study. Dr. Paus will deliver its initial results to HairDAO by May 2023, at which point the DAO will vote on whether or not to test a combination of T3 and T4.

C3A Research

Cyanidin 3-O-arabinoside (C3A), a natural compound found in black chokeberries (aronia melanocarpa), has anti-oxidant properties that have potential to elminated mitochondial reactive oxygen species to regenerate senescent dermal papilla cells, which are essential for hair regrowth. C3A's mechanism of action is believed to be through P38 inhibition, which may also be achieved through apocynin and SB203580.

Reaching out to researchers who have experience working with anthocyanins to solve for the high cost and unstable nature of C3A so our community members can trial the treatment.

Stemson Therapeutics

Based in San Diego, Stemson is attempting to generate de novo hair follicles from induced pluripotent stem cells. If successful, their approach would allow for limitless donor hairs, which is currently the biggest constraint for hair transplants.

Continual due diligence on the company. Stemson's CEO Geoff Hamilton has generously agreed to do a Q&A with the HairDAO community in December 2022.

TRPM5 Agonist Study

Cutaneon owns the patent to TRPM5 agonist pheromones indicated for hair regrowth. Ralf Paus, the CEO of Cutaneon, has proposed that we test the effect TRPM5 in combination with one or two other novel hair growth-stimulatory oderants or tastants in order to identify and patent hair growth-stimulatory cosmeceuticals to potentially reduce mpAGA-associated telogen effluvium.

Study design in process.

Hair Loss Cellular Mapping

A base level sequencing and spatialomics mapping of the relevant cells in the hair loss process would be a highly valuable form of R&D for the global hair loss community. With its data, we would have the ability to patent and pursue the pathways and molecules we are most excited about, before open-sourcing and/or licensing all of the data to the global hair loss community.

Contact Allergan to analyze benefits of purchasing their pre-existing data. Preliminary information obtained from Ralf and Ben Ober-Reynolds.


A medical device company that utilizes hormesis to strengthen hair follicle stem cells in the dermis and epidermis.

Currently fundraising

Verteporfin Research

A pay-for-success clinical trial to better understand the suitable dosage range of verteporfin injections necessary to reduce or eliminate scarring caused in hair restoration procedures.

Dr. Taleb Bargouthi successfully tested Verteporfin on one hair transplant patient. After promising initial results, our friends at are now raising funds to support additional patient trials.

Miscellaneous Projects



Current Work


HairDAO NFT Drop

The first $HAIR NFT. Utility known to those who know.

Distribution Closed

HairDAO rebranding and website design

A total rebranding of HairDAO from the ground up, including a new brand identity and visual communication style, website redesign, and branding for our social properties. The goal was to create a serious but self-aware brand capable of bringing hair loss research into the mainstream.

Identity design complete, and website launched. We worked with our friend Si Maclennan to get the job done.

Patient Portal

We are creating a patient database for HairDAO members to upload genomic, treatment protocol, and outcome data, which we can then leverage to 1) provide our members treatment recommendations, 2) place members in clinical trials, and 3) discover new targets for new treatments.

Working with Nevermined and DBDAO to produce an MVP.

Initial Token Auction

The Initial Auction brings the $hair token to the wild. $hair will serve as a governance token - 1 $hair = 1 vote. Our fully diluted supply will be 30m $hair, with 3m $hair sold in the auction.

Auction scheduled for February 2023.

$hair API

Partner with distributors of existing hair loss solutions to integrate our $hair API into their websites. Our solution would grow customer bases for our manufacturing and distribution partners and, notably, direct more current profits from the hair loss industry into innovative R&D, necessary to discover better treatments.

Initial discussions with distributors. Looking for more leads.

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There are numerous other projects being worked on alongside the ones listed above. The best way to accelerate them is to join us. We always welcome new ideas, workers, and projects.

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