A decentralized asset manager in search of a cure for hair loss

HairDAO is a group of cross-disciplinary professionals devoted to solving hair loss. We are part of the hair loss community, as investors, doctors, researchers, and patients. Increased investment of both human and financial capital will accelerate the cure for hair loss, giving us more years with full heads of hair. We're in this together, incentivized by the $HAIR token.

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Of men will experience hair loss by 35


Of men will experience hair loss in their lifetimes


Of women will experience noticeable hair loss in their lifetimes

Community Owned

HairDAO's goal is to be fully community owned, to have those in need of a cure for hair loss also own the cure for hair loss. Our mission is to fund the assets that we believe will accelerate the cure for hair loss as soon as possible. These assets will likely range from intellectual property, to novel therapies or drugs, to state-of-the-art treatment clinics. The members of HairDAO will have first access to all treatments funded by HairDAO, as well as governance rights over the assets held by HairDAO.

Unsatisfied With Today

The current set of hair loss solutions have remain unchanged for decades: topical creams seldom do enough; pills have rare but extreme side effects; and transplants are currently too expensive for a majority of the market. There is massive demand for more effective solutions for hair loss. We need cheaper solutions with better results. We believe that increased investment, research, and development will yield optimal solutions to hair loss.

Optimistic About Tomorrow

We're optimistic about the future. We believe that a global pool of investors, researchers, doctors, and patients can quickly solve hair loss, if given the right resources. The bigger we are, the sooner we solve hair loss.

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How To Reach Us

Our Discord is the best place to get involved, whether as an investor, researcher, doctor, or clinical trial participant. There, we highlight opportunities to earn $HAIR tokens, either through operational work, novel research, clinical trial participation, or financial investment. We also highlight exciting developments within the hair loss community and HairDAO on our Twitter, below.